10 Days Left: Your Chance of Winning $1,000 is 50%!

1000 Giveaway!Not quite the blowout that I had envisioned, but I really am surprised at how slow the $1,000 cash giveaway has taken off. We currently have 1 blog, Blog Paradise, who has submitted their entry into the giveaway! Blog Paradise has written a single perfect post that could get them $1,000!

Ten Days Left!

That means when you submit your post, you’ve pushed the odds to 50%! Write a post for each of the sponsors and you’ve got over a 90% chance of winning. When is the last time that you made $1,000 for writing a blog post? Even John Chow doesn’t get that much!

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If you’re interested in having a nice payday for the holidays, you should enter – here’s how.

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Paypal Balance


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