10 Reasons Why Small Business Can’t Ignore Social Media

reasons small business social media

Jason Squires has put together a thoughtful list of 10 Reasons Why Small Business Can’t Ignore Social Media. It provides all the evidence any small business needs if they were still curious whether or not to take the dive. I’d narrow all of these down to two very specific reasons, though:

  1. Your colleagues, prospects and customers are there right now. Are you there when they need help? Are you there advising them on their next sale?
  2. Your competition may not be there! Many people use this as an excuse… no one in our industry is on social media. Wow… what an awesome opportunity for you to plant your flag in the ground! What are you waiting for? Your competition to start?

Exposure, recognition, loyalty… these are all triggers for overcoming trust issues. Putting your personality and your people in front of your company instead of hiding behind your brand makes you vulnerable. That sounds like it’s bad, but it’s not. People want to work with people – not logos!



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    hey! got a great idea to from your blog cz I run a small business and think to promote on internet. Now I will definitely do with the help of your post. 🙂

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    We have followed all Social Media Rules for our Small Business and NOTHING has worked as Social Media Gurus predicted – This is all hype and NOT100% a guarantee of success. We had NO LEAD GENERATION, NO UPTAKE IN SALES and nothing we tried drove the business forward. But we spent a lot of marketing money. And please dont tell us we did it all wrong because we did not – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog and Website … We are Marketing Professionals and Tried all the Gurus; advice…Its all hype.

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      @anthonysmithchaigneau:disqus your results are NOT uncommon and I’d never say “you did it wrong”. If you continue to read our blog, you’ll see where we’ve pushed back against the ‘gurus’. It’s why we recommend a focus that’s multi-channel rather than just social. Some industries simply aren’t there yet, some communities don’t exist, and sometimes it’s simply not a cultural fit to the business. I think it’s always funny how social media consultants get great results… it’s like an attorney defending attorneys 🙂 Of course the ‘gurus’ are getting great results on it… that’s what they’re doing for a living. Not all industries are the same, though!

      I also believe it’s why, in 2013 marketing polls, marketers have turned their attention back to email marketing as a primary strategy. We love social media to use as an ‘echo’ and promotion of our content – but we still rely on other channels like search, email, advertising and even outbound efforts. Thanks for joining the conversation!

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    Some pretty good reasons to go on social media! I found it hard to find content to post until my friend told me to use Capzool, they have readymade posts for both my niche businesses, and will make more when I request it. There’s also a recommendation calendar that gives me posts for every day of the year. I recommend everyone use it !

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