10 Rules for Worthy Meetings

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Some folks scratch their head when I'm late for a meeting or why I decline their meetings. They think it's rude that I might show up late… or not show up at all. What they never recognize is that I'm never late for a worthy meeting. I think it's rude that they held the meeting or invited me in the first place.

  1. Worthy meetings are called when needed.
  2. Worthy meetings are not scheduled out for the next 3 years…it's ridiculous to call meetings that have no goal and interrupt productivity.
  3. Worthy meetings gather the right minds to work as a team to solve a problem or implement a solution.
  4. Worthy meetings are not the place to attack or try to embarrass other members.
  5. Worthy meetings are a place of respect, inclusion, teamwork and support.
  6. Worthy meetings begin with a set of goals to complete and finish with an action plan of who, what and when.
  7. Worthy meetings have members that keep the topic on track and on time so that the collective time of all members is not put to waste.
  8. Worthy meetings should have designated location that is well-known ahead of time by all members.
  9. Worthy meetings are not the place to cover your butt (that's email).
  10. Worthy meetings are not the place to try to get an audience (that's a conference).

There are exceptions. Like this worthy meeting… oh… and the ones with M&Ms.


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    I hated most meetings and found, the meetings for the most part, had little to do with profit or shareholder value. You should sell this list to all managers

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