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97 Countries, 97 Welcomes, 97 Thanks!

This morning I checked my Analytics and noticed that people from exactly 99 countries have visited my blog this week. I can’t wait until one of the big boys develops accurate translation (I’ve heard Google is working on it), so that I can reach this world-wide audience in their native language. But for now, I just want to say welcome and thank-you!

I need your help on this one, though! I can’t seem to find translators for all countries and I’m sure the machine translation is not perfect for each language. If you can comment with the appropriate translation, I’ll edit the page and try to get this perfect!

  1. United States: Welcome! And Thank-You for visiting!
  2. United Kingdom: Welcome! And Thank-You for visiting!
  3. Canada: Welcome! And Thank-You for visiting! Bienvenue! De remerciement pour visiter !
  4. Spain: ¡Bienvenida! ¡Agradecimiento para visitar!
  5. Australia: Welcome! And Thank-You for visiting!
  6. Germany: Wilkommen! Vielen Dank für den Besuch!
  7. Italy: Benvenuto! La ringrazio per la visita!
  8. Netherlands: Het welkom! Dank u voor het bezoeken!
  9. India: SuSwagatam Sukriya
  10. France: Bienvenue! De remerciement pour visiter!
  11. Argentina: ¡Bienvenida! ¡Agradecimiento para visitar!
  12. Norway: Mottakelse ! Takker-De for å besøke!
  13. Brazil: ¡Bienvenida! ¡Agradecimiento para visitar!
  14. Mexico: ¡Bienvenida! ¡Agradecimiento para visitar!
  15. Japan: ????!????????!
  16. Singapore: ??! ?????!
  17. Sweden: välkomnande Tacka – du för besöka!
  18. Malaysia:
  19. Philippines: taggapin pasalamatan – ka dahil sa dumalaw!
  20. Romania:
  21. Portugal: Boas-vindas! Obrigado para visitar!
  22. Ireland: Welcome! And Thank-You for visiting!
  23. Poland:
  24. Finland:
  25. Hong Kong: ??! ?????!
  26. New Zealand: Welcome! And Thank-You for visiting!
  27. Turkey:
  28. China: ??! ?????!
  29. Indonesia:
  30. South Africa: Welcome! And Thank-You for visiting!
  31. Belgium:
  32. Russian Federation: ????? ??????????! ????? ????????????? ??? ?????????!
  33. Switzerland: Wilkommen! Vielen Dank für den Besuch!
  34. Croatia:
  35. Chile: ¡Bienvenida! ¡Agradecimiento para visitar!
  36. Denmark:
  37. Thailand:
  38. Hungary:
  39. Egypt: !! ???? , ???? ????????
  40. Austria: Wilkommen! Vielen Dank für den Besuch!
  41. Ukraine:
  42. Israel: ?????? ?????! ????? ?????? ????? ???
  43. Pakistan: ?????! [???-??] ? ????!
  44. Saudi Arabia: ?????! [???-??] ? ????!
  45. Peru: ¡Bienvenida! ¡Agradecimiento para visitar!
  46. Czech Republic:
  47. Bulgaria:
  48. Venezuela: ¡Bienvenida! ¡Agradecimiento para visitar!
  49. Latvia:
  50. Slovakia:
  51. Korea, Republic of:
  52. United Arab Emirates: ?????! [???-??] ? ????!
  53. Colombia:
  54. Greece: ???????! ??? ????????? ??? ??? ????????!
  55. Taiwan:
  56. Vietnam:
  57. Slovenia:
  58. Iran, Islamic Republic of: ?????! [???-??] ? ????!
  59. Yugoslavia:
  60. Guatemala: ¡Bienvenida! ¡Agradecimiento para visitar!
  61. Qatar:
  62. Costa Rica: ¡Bienvenida! ¡Agradecimiento para visitar!
  63. Estonia:
  64. Palestinian Territory: ?????! [???-??] ? ????!
  65. Iceland: velkominn Þakka – þú fyrir heimsókn!
  66. Kazakhstan:
  67. Kuwait:
  68. Puerto Rico: ¡Bienvenida! ¡Agradecimiento para visitar!
  69. Dominican Republic: ¡Bienvenida! ¡Agradecimiento para visitar!
  70. Belarus:
  71. Bangladesh:
  72. Uzbekistan: Xush Kelibsiz! Ziyoratingiz uchun rahmat!
  73. Bosnia and Herzegovina:
  74. Sri Lanka:
  75. Lebanon:
  76. Trinidad and Tobago:
  77. Morocco:
  78. Sudan:
  79. Macedonia:
  80. Uruguay:
  81. Tunisia:
  82. Lithuania:
  83. Reunion:
  84. French Polynesia:
  85. Malta:
  86. Bahrain: ?????! [???-??] ? ????!
  87. U.S. Virgin Islands:
  88. Madagascar:
  89. Cote D’Ivoire:
  90. Jordan:
  91. Yemen:
  92. Ecuador:
  93. Nepal:
  94. Cuba: ¡Bienvenida! ¡Agradecimiento para visitar!
  95. Mauritius:
  96. Honduras: ¡Bienvenida! ¡Agradecimiento para visitar!
  97. Syrian Arab Republic: ?????! [???-??] ? ????!

The countries are listed in the order of the quantity of visitors. After I posted, I found some countries on the list that weren’t really countries. Sorry folks! Now we have 97.

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  1. 1
  2. 2
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  4. 4

    Let’s see…

    # Germany: Empfang! Vielen Dank für Besuchen!

    Nope – That feels very automated. I’d suggest

    Wilkommen! Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch
    or informal
    Wilkommen! Vielen Dank für Deinen Besuch
    or to stay on the safe side
    Wilkommen! Vielen Dank für den Besuch

    # Norway: Mottakelse ! Takker-De for å besøke !

    Velkommen! Takk for besøket.

    # New Zealand:

    Last time I checked, they were speaking english 😉

    # Austria:

    Same as Germany

    # Europe:

    Now that is not a country – though there are some politicians who would love that idea.

    # U.S. Virgin Islands:


    # Switzerland:

    They have 3 languages, German (actuall, swiss-German, which I, as a German, have trouble understanding), French and Italian. Safest bet would be to use all three languages; I have the impression they are particular about that.

    # United Kingdom: Welcome! And Thank-You for visiting!
    Too add some local flavour, you could do
    Welcome! And cheers for visiting.

    It can have its advantages to be 3-lingual 🙂

  5. 6

    Why not localize your blog Doug?

    You can very easily add language files to your blog and depending on the specific users browser setting (for language) viewing your site and if you have that language file, your blog will automatically be translated.

  6. 7
  7. 8

    I could localize the blog and machine translate based on the local. However, as foo’s example points out, machine translation is poor at best. I’ve not read anything that suggests that machine translation is advantageous. My personal opinion is that it can hurt more than help.

    I hope Google solves the puzzle. They are working on real-time translation engines that will be more accurate and will provide ‘natural language processing’ rather than dictionary translation. Their goal is that natural language processing will work properly when slang terms or ‘street’ language is utilized.

    Until it’s right… I’d rather not confuse folks. The blog is doing fantastic in English – and the 98 country list is a testament to that!

  8. 9

    Hi, i’m from Italy. The way to say correct is:

    one visitor:
    Benvenuto! La ringrazio per la visita!

    more visitors:
    Benvenuti! Vi ringrazio per la visita!

    I do not speak English correctly, I hope not to have made errors.

    Salutes, vito

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  11. 13

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