Blog Post Number 1,000 – Live from Techpoint!


This is it! Blog post number 1,000 – live from the 10th Annual Techpoint Summit in Indianapolis, IN. A technology summit in Indiana? Ironically, I’m in the multi-channel marketing session speaking to voice, email marketing, and corporate blogging for marketing along with the legalities associated with each.

Ironically, Governor Mitch Daniels joked about this as well this morning after a great introduction by David Baker, CEO of First Internet Bank, and Ron Brumbarger, CEO of BitWise Solutions.

One of the startling statistics that Gov. Daniels provided was that business startups in Indiana have an incredible 20% average reduction in startup costs thanks to the cost of living, tax incentives and lowest workers’ compensation costs in the country.

21st Century FundFor technology-based companies, Techpoint and state government have also worked to create the 21st Century Fund as well as a huge volume of tax incentives on new patent-produced sales, research and development investment, and employment grants.

The nice thing about Indiana is that the cost of living is low and the Indianapolis is centrally placed in the mid-west. If you were going to start a technology business, an average savings of 20% can make the difference between your company’s chance of survival and ability to compete in the space.

Disclosure: I often work for Ron’s company in assisting his clients with social media strategies. Ron graciously paid my way into the event today (thanks!). As well, the company I work for full-time is lucky enough to have David as an investor! And of course, thanks to my boss for giving me the day off!

Just a note: Stay tuned for the $1,000 Giveaway in celebration of 1,000 posts, 1,000 unique visitors a day, and 1,000 feed subscribers… woohoo! We made it!


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    I hear you Doug. Lately I’ve been getting so many of the wrong emails come through to my inbox. It’s interesting that you mentioned suing the major providers. It might just happen one of these days.

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