1,500 Posts! On to Social Media Domination!

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I was using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine tonight to try to pinpoint when I officially began blogging. I was a late bloomer compared to those bloggers who started blogging when it was still called journaling.

My earliest blogging occurred on Ryze with a Newspaper Database Marketing group (I’m not sure if Ryze has had an upgrade since 2005!). I then moved on to Blogger and began writing Doug’s Rant.

The first blog post on my hosted WordPress blog was about Mountain Dew advertising itself as a breakfast pick me up. That advertisement should motivate anyone to start a blog!


As I look back at folks who have been blogging for well over a decade, it’s amazing that I’ve acquired the stats I have on this site in its short lifespan:

  1. Martech Zone was consistently in the top 5,000 blogs on Technorati.
  2. Martech Zone was in the Power 150 for Marketing Blogs on the web.
  3. Martech Zone continues to be in the top 100,000 web sites per Alexa.
  4. Over 400,000 people have visited my blog.
  5. Over 40% of my new visitors get here from Google.

I’ll continue educating folks on how to automate, integrate, and get the most out of their marketing technology with the least amount of effort.

What do you think?

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