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As ecommerce sales continue to grow at an alarming pace, the number of channels a brand can sell on has also grown. Retailers presence on  mobile apps, social media platforms, e-commerce websites and in physical stores provide several more revenue-generating channels on which to engage with consumers.

While this presents a major opportunity, empowering consumers to buy products virtually anytime and anywhere, it also creates several new challenges for retailers in ensuring product information is accurate, high-quality, and consistent across all of those channels. Low-quality content diminishes brand perception, erodes the path to purchase, and can turn consumers away for life.

This poses a unique challenge for marketers as well. If the products they point people to aren’t represented well across channels, the effort is wasted. Any marketing initiatives need to incorporate that same high-quality, accurate content to maintain a consistent presence in every digital avenue.

So, what can retailers and marketers do?

  • Incorporate a focus on creating high-quality product content into an overall business plan
  • Invest in high-quality data and product information management systems
  • Look for data solutions that scale easily as new technologies and channels are developed
  • Work with data providers that enable robust product discovery capabilities for increased product saturation

1WorldSync Solution Overview

1WorldSync is the multi-leading product information network, helping ,more than 23,000 global brands and their trading partners in 60 countries – share authentic, trust content with customers and consumers – empowering them to make the right choices, purchases, health and lifestyle decisions. With clients across the Fortune 500, 1WorldSync provides solutions for an expansion range of markets, from Fortune 500 companies to  small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The company has offices in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe, and can meet the product information needs of any trading partner in any industry, combining global reach with local knowledge and support. The company has solutions available for companies at every stage of the product information and data management spectrum.

As consumers engage with companies more and more online, they demand higher quality images, content, and more from brands. Our market-leading solutions allow companies at every stage of the purchase process better control of their product information, ultimately leading to more consistent customer experiences and higher sales. Dan Wilkinson, Chief Commercial Officer of 1WorldSync

1WorldSync Features for Recipients:

  • Item setup and maintenance
  • Product content discovery
  • Community engagement and enablement
  • Global content aggregation

1WorldSync Features for Sources:

  • Global content distribution
  • Omnichannel catalog
  • Content capture and enrichment
  • Product information governance


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