2,000 Bloggers Gaming Technorati? Waaaaah!

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My blog was enlisted a while back in the Z-List. It was a fantastic list of little known bloggers that worked very hard at their craft and had a growing level of influence in the blogosphere and on the web. The list was republished on hundreds of blogs, influencing our rank on Technorati and on our Search Engine placement. At its peak, blogging A-lister Seth Godin even spent some time talking about it.

A new experiment started with a collage of 2000 bloggers… the faces of blogs from all over the world. I made that one, too! Both times I was on the list and didn't request it. On the 2000 blogger experiment, I did volunteer, but it was actually after I was already put on it with no knowledge. I stopped short of posting the 2,000 on my site though… that's a huge volume of images to display!

Now other bloggers are screaming foul at this. Sites are even yelling to boycott Technorati.

55,000,000 blogs in the world and somehow these 2000 blogs are ‘rocking the universe'. Give me a break. This is absolutely no different from sharing your blogroll, trading links with someone, giving away merchandise for mentioning your blog, linkbaiting, “Make me a Technorati Favorite” button, ‘optimizing' for search engines, Digging, …. or even BUYING your Technorati rank by advertising on other sites. John Chow, for example, continues to utilize any and all methods to give his rank a boost.

Do I care? Absolutely NOT!

This is reality folks… nothing else. It pays to advertise, period. That said, advertising may gain you rank, influence, authority, and search engine placement… but it won't keep them. In order maintain your rank, influence, authority, and search engine placement, you need to work on your content. Otherwise your site will become a revolving door of visitors and your ranking will go down the tubes.

In time, inflated ranks will deflate. In time, good blogs will rise to the top. There will always be folks flying up past you that don't deserve it and people you'll be flying past that really do. John Chow steps up the ladder rung and then provides his readers with quality content so that he stays there.

I remember a while back when Scoble mentioned how Social Bookmarking sites were ruining his blog traffic. Did he sit around and ask for a boycott of Digg? No! He launched a new initiative that is gaining momentum and exposing himself to an entirely new audience.

This isn't Kindergarten, quit crying and get back in the game. Man up!

Here's a list of blog posts about the list… I'm putting them in a nice list so that you can put them in your post if you decide to comment on the 2,000 bloggers list. Perhaps we can start the 2,000 talking about 2,000 List.

  1. Zoli's Blog
  2. Web Strategist
  3. Tony Hung
  4. Instabloke

Ironically, these bloggers talking about the 2,000 bloggers experiment is now lifting their ranking in Technorati. Perhaps if we penalize everyone that's on the list, we should also penalize everyone that blogs about the list, eh?!

Who are you to tell me I don't deserve the ranking I have? I truly believe that the content and information that I bring my readers is of the utmost quality and deserves much more than many of the Top 100 Technorati blogs out there. It's not for Technorati to decide. It's not for you to decide. It's for the folks who continue to come back and read my blog to decide. Those are the folks that I serve.


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      I’m a big fan of Technorati and it would be difficult for me to avoid it. I just hope they recognize that when you try to ‘tweak’ democracy, it’s not a democracy anymore.

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    Hey Doug. I happen to agree with most of what you’ve said. If you read my post (which you’ve done), you’ll see that I’m really questioning the whole Technorati ranking system itself. Not whether it’s right or wrong. But what in the heck it means.

    And btw, I do agree highly with your last paragraph about who decides the importance of my blog. Readers baby, readers!

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      Thanks Dawud! I don’t necessarily disagree with the Technorati ranking mechanism… I just think that if bloggers decide to promote other bloggers… the ranking is actually working, not being ‘gamed’. It’s a great method for promoting blogs that otherwise are not being promoted.

      Another attempt at ranking that’s pretty good is Todd And’s Power 150. Todd tries to weigh each of the ranking engines and score accordingly.

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    I disagree with the fact I’m not on the list of 2000. Sure, it would be an artificial inflation, but I’m OK with that. The effect would fade, and I’d be left with more readers than I started with. I’ve started blogs before, and I dislike the climb out of anonymity. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually left it, but I’ve done a lot of climbing.

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      That’s a really great point Douglas and I agree 100%. “The climb out of anonymity”… super line. A-list bloggers love to mention each other because they know it helps their rank and exposure, so how does ‘the little guy’ get up there? Memes and lists like this are the perfect tool to get exposure.

      Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

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