2,000 Posts and We’re Just Getting Started!

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The last time I celebrated the growth of this blog was when I surpassed the 1,000 post mark in November of 2007. Here we are at 2,000 posts and the blog is healthy, not wealthy 🙂 and wise. It’s time to kick it up a notch and I’m going big.

Coming soon is a minor rebranding of the site… no… the cheesy Windows 2000 remake isn’t a preview! Some of you may remember when I switched the domain from dknewmedia.com to martech.zone… that was the first phase in separating the blog from my personal brand. That one hurt! I lost my top 1,000 ranking on Technorati, lost a TON of backlinks (even though I 301’d the site), and lost some authority. I did improve some ranking on specific keywords I wished to target though… like “Marketing Technology”.

A much larger change is the enlistment of additional marketing professionals, each with their own expertise:

  • Jon Arnold – a usability and web design expert.
  • Chris Bross – a pay-per-click expert.
  • Lorraine Ball – a marketing and public relations expert.
  • Chris Lucas – a social media and marketing technology expert.
  • Nila Nealy – a branding and strategy expert.
  • James Paden – an ecommerce and conversion optimization expert.
  • Adam Small – a mobile marketing expert.
  • Bryan Povlinski – a recent Marketing graduate and Orr Fellow… Bryan is going to be helping the blog and providing his insight as a young marketing graduate.

I’ve been in discussions with some regional marketing professionals and may begin some workbooks coming, some ebooks, and perhaps even a conference.

My hope in all of this is to provide practical, usable advice for Marketers. Many of my readers are enterprise level CMO’s… but others are 1-person shops that do everything from long-term strategies to fixing up the JavaScript on their website.

There are some fantastic Marketing sites out there that focus on the news, the latest analyst reports and technologies – but I hope to fill the gap by being a blog where you can get expert advice to do your job each and every day. More to come!

This is a new chapter and closes the chapter on my blog. I’ll still be the chief cook and bottle washer as we continue, but on our blog you’ll be provided with different viewpoints and more opportunities to engage our experts on a day to day basis.

Much more to come!


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    Congrats Doug!! Keep it up! Thanks much for all your valuable insight!

    The best for your new venture!

    Saludos desde México!

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    Very interesting indeed. Glad you're staying busy! I believe this is a great idea and can't wait to see what happens with all the new writers. Should be an explosion of content! Will you be starting up your own personal blog again? (not that you'd have time to write or anything)

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    Congrats on hitting 2,000!

    An interesting exercise would be to look over your past 2,000 blogs and find the entries which you treasure the most. Not that 2,000 is too many, but that some have been more popular and more meaningful than others.

    As a regular reader, for example, I know that I routinely skip your "Links for This Date" entries but always enjoy your "rants." Perhaps this self-analysis can help you continue to improve your blogging for all your readers.

    Again, congrats!

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