Goals for 2007

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goalsI'm a believer in action plans. No meeting, project plan, or personal development plan should end without a response to 3 questions:

  1. Who?
  2. When?
  3. What?

If others don't set goals for me, then I work to set them for myself. 2007 feels like it's going to be a great year.

Who? Me. When? 2007. What? Here are my goals:

  • Help my son in any way I can (mostly financial) so he graduates with honors and is successful in his first year at Purdue University at IUPUI. The first step is out of the way – he's already been accepted.
  • Complete a technology book on blogging. When I wrote the Blogging E-Metrics Simplified guide, I really caught the writing bug. So I've been working on Blogging – The First Year, ever since. Keep your fingers crossed… I actually sent a draft to an editor a few minutes ago.
  • Program my own theme and post it at SeanRox's other site, Open Design Community. I'm not happy with my current theme at all… the technology side is great, but it needs a lot of work on the aesthetics. It doesn't adequately represent the content I try to bring to you folks everyday.
  • Program my own WordPress plugin. I modified a Contact Form plugin to halt unwanted Spam a while ago… but I'd like to develop a plugin from scratch.
  • Assist my employer in directing our application into the most incredible SaaS app the web industry has ever seen or used. We've had incredible growth and success over the last couple years, but it's time we stopped messing around and left the industry in the dust. It's this goal that keeps me up at night.
  • Get into shape! I know that sounds very cliche, but I'm tired most of the time and don't exercise nearly as much as I should. In fact, I got back on my exercise bike this weekend for the first time in months. Work puts me on my butt every day and blogging keeps me on it at night. I must change my habits!

So there you have it… my goals for 2007. What are your goals? If you've not created any, please do and share them on your blog. Put a trackback for this entry on yours so that we can all meet back up next January and discuss how we did.

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    I did a similar post on my blog, great minds think alike 😉

    Another idea I came up with recently is to hold each other accountable with financial consequences e.g. Joe tells me he will achieve his goal of revamping his website by next Saturday and if he doesn’t, he owes me $20.

    It’s amazing how much this helps one to achieve his/her goals. The post is here.


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