2008 NRA Tech Pavilion Highlighted with Digital Displays

Digital Signage

This was my first year at the NRA Conference. Aside from getting more exercise than I have, by walking, the show wasn’t a huge technology fest. Perhaps the coolest technology there (aside from Patronpath) were digital displays, known as digital signage.

Digital displays are large HDTV displays that display full media (video and graphics) and can adjust the messaging as needed. Within the food industry, there are some cool features – like connecting directly to Point of Sales systems to capture the latest prices – or to update the display dynamically to improve sales. Imagine a digital display at McDonalds that actually had a burger sizzling and a soda with bubbles popping in high resolution. It’s a great technology!

Here’s a video I found online of the Museum of Arts and Design and their signage:

Another place where these are popping up are at Movie Cinemas. The Allure booth (the photos I took sucked) had some great vertically mounted displays that had the poster displayed over an actual looping preview clip of the movie…. very sharp! Combined with directional sound advertising – this could be huge.

Outside of our products and the digital signage, not a lot was happening in the tech side of the industry. While at the show, I was upgrading client apps on our POS integrated customers… here’s a pic that Marty took:

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    My first thought on post title, is what does Patronpath have to gain with the NRA (National Rifle Association), then it hit me, different NRA. 🙂

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