2009 Prediction: Search and Mobile are the Future

mobile advertising

My take away from the presentation is that Mobile usage continues to steadily gain adoption, providing a new avenue for companies to reach their customers. It's why I'm optimistic for integrating mobile marketing to your sites and campaigns with firms like Connective Mobile.

Additionally, the slides provide a lot of proof that the growth of Search Marketing (organic and pay-per-click) will continue to explode in growth because of the measurable results and fantastic return on investment. It's a key reason why I moved to my position at Compendium Blogware, a corporate blogging platform that provides both the application and the coaching necessary for businesses to gain organic search placement.

In the Pay Per Click arena, I have two friends – Pat East at Hanapin Marketing and Chris Bross at Evereffect – who are growing rapidly and executing strategic and integrated PPC campaigns that are continuing to provide a positive return on investment for their clients.

What do you think?

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