2010: Filter, Personalize, Optimize


We’re overwhelmed with information from social media, search and our inbox. The volumes continue to rise. I have no less than 100 rules in my inbox to route messages and alerts properly. My calendar synchronizes between my Blackberry, iCal, Google Calendar and Tungle. I have Google Voice to manage business calls, and YouMail to handle direct calls to my phone.

Joe Hall wrote today that privacy concerns and use of personalized data by Google could be leading it to self-destruction. I love Joe’s posts but disagree with this one wholeheartedly. As I continue to utilize Google, I want them to leverage every last bit of data to provide me with streamlined response that’s targeted to me personally. I don’t want to wade through results… give me the answer I need.

Twitter is becoming unmanageable… there are too many companies, colleagues, professionals and services that I want to follow but the stream of information is now a firehose. Thankfully, Feedera identified this as an opportunity… so I can go from this:
to this:

My prediction for 2010 is that productivity suites that filter, optimize and personalize will be the rage. The continued downsizing of companies will push additional work on minimal resources. Our productivity will have to increase, whether we believe we have the capacity or not.

Facebook and LinkedIn have copied Twitter’s lifestream-style of reporting updates. Blackberry mimics this experience on my phone with voice, email and facebook. While I love my Mac and love how gorgeous the iPhone interface is, my workload continues to increase. I don’t need beautiful… I need productive. Streaming interfaces helped in 2009, but now they’re out of control and I need help collapsing them into snippets that are relevant to me personally.

This week, I’ve begun working with ChaCha. In the past, I’ve not used their service; however, I’ve now added 242242 to my address book so I can text questions and get a single relevant response back. There’s a lot of satisfaction already… while I’m driving I can ask the address, phone number, store hours, etc. of my destination. I don’t have to search, filter, and then navigate a website. I just need the answer… a single answer.

I’m not the only one. Growth of more relevant, detailed questions are quickly growing on Google as well. I believe the trend for search is going to continue in this direction – with services to filter to the best result becoming more valuable.

As a result, my prediction for 2010 will be a plethora of incredible tools on the rise to help businesses and consumers filter, optimize and personalize their experiences online. This is another blow to Marketers – it means that their message must be more relevant, timely, and important… otherwise it will be filtered away.


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    I absolutely agree that Twitter can easily become unmanageable and that there is a bright future for tools such as the one discussed here.

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