2012 Content Predictions from the Pros

content predictions 2012

Joe Pulizzi put together quite a list of content predictions for the Content Marketing Institute from almost 80 contributers! I'm not much of a fan of predictions, more often than not folks are almost always incorrect… regardless of their status and authority. I took a bit of a humorous approach to my contribution… but Joe liked it and mentioned it as one of the top 15!

New button is added to social sites… The “Shut Up” button to quiet trolls and people that don't add any value to the conversation. Okay, maybe it's not a prediction, just a wish.

In all honesty, though, it seems as though it's getting more difficult every day to break through the noise and find the value in large sites with so many contributions from so many people. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have become laden with SPAM and meaningless conversation… Google+ is well on the way. I honestly do believe we need some algorithms that don't simply promote the popular, but that also quiet the trolls.


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    Doug, the incorporation of a “shut up” button would be revolutionary. As a social platform becomes more popular, the quality of content becomes diluted. From Usenet to Twitter, every unmoderated platform has suffered exactly the same fate.

    As anti-social as it sounds, the key to a thriving online community is comment curation. 

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      I think you’re absolutely right, Tim! Whenever I see a site that has SPAM in its comments, I don’t even bother commenting since it appears they don’t really care who is commenting.

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