27% of Marketers Have No Tablet Plans… Yet!

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We love having a great sponsor like Zoomerang and their free polling software to figure out what and how marketers feel about both our content and to provide insight into what strategies are deploying. Our latest poll asked about plans for marketers when it comes to the tablet market.

Last year, Forrester predicted huge growth in the ereader and tablet market – and the market produced. It didn’t produce with simple sales, but the aggressive discounting of ereaders and tablets are making them more affordable than mobile phones!

What does that mean for your organization? Thankfully, about 50% of our audience said that they were planning on optimizing their sites for tablet usage…. but a surprising 27% said they had no plans at all!
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I’m going to make a prediction to those folks here… 2012 adoption of tablets will make you rethink your plans. Ereaders and tablets can provide a unique reading experience that the average website can not produce. Automated applications for publishing, new tablet optimization libraries and CMS themes are being released at a huge rate, and responsive websites (that conform to tablet screen sizes) are making life easier for designers.

What do you think?

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