2013 Digital Marketing Pulse Study

marketers overwhelmed

We’re getting crushed. Lack of expertise and training, misaligned organizational structures and processes, and ingrained legacy practices are crippling marketers nowadays. The tools and technologies are evolving and emerging every single week – but it’s not enough. This is a key reason why we started Highbridge… our clients simply need the boost to help them move forward and more effectively apply their marketing budget across strategies.

The insights in this article were sourced from direct experience working with brand managers and marketers, a quantitative survey of nearly 200 marketing leaders (Finch Brands and Netplus Digital Pulse Study, August 2013), and a series of interviews with the people who work in this space day in and day out. The findings clearly demonstrated that it’s time for marketers to stop pretending everything is under control. The success or failure of their brands depends on it.

What is it that your team is struggling with? How are you overcoming these challenges? Read through to the Netplus article for their resolutions.


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