2013 Mobile Marketing Stats and Figures

2013 mobile stats

Did we mention mobile last year? I can't tell you how many thousands of mentions we made and continue to make. Still – only 25% of companies have a mobile strategy… ouch. Text messaging, mobile web, mobile applications and mobile email are standard for every marketing strategy. If you're not up to speed, you're losing a large portion of the audience that needs your product or service.

The numbers are startling – the majority of companies admit to not having a mobile strategy, and my guess is that those who think that they have a mobile strategy are misinformed. They think that simply having an app or a mobile-friendly website suffices for a strategy. Fortunately brands are starting to get wise with things like responsive design and HTML5 web apps vs. native apps, and marketers are allocating more and more budget to mobile advertising. Neil Bhapkar, Uberflip VP of Marketing.


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