2014 Form Conversions Report: Benchmark and Improve Your Form Conversions

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We've been friends and fans (and affiliates) of Formstack since this publication's inception. There's a wealth of knowledge at the company and they continue to care about their customers and produce great results for them. They've just released some pretty amazing findings while scouring and analyzing conversions on more than 400,000 customers and their millions of form submissions.

For full details, downloadFormstack ‘s 2014 Form Conversions Report. The report is a compilation of data that includes information about what makes your users complete your forms. From optimal form length to the best submit button copy to use, we hope that you can leverage this data to make your form as submission-friendly as possible and to promote it where your customers and leads are.

Key words to utilize, incentives to offer, median conversion rates, the number of form fields, and social and mobile usage all impact your ability to capture conversions on your forms. Businesses and consumers are drowning in requests for information, so the ability to optimize your forms is critical so that you can glean the intelligence you need to help customers or the conversions you need to run your business! Here's a preview of some key metrics found in the report:


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