25 Mobile Marketing Stats for 2014 that Matter

mobile stats 2014

We’ve got work to do on our mobile layout and are making adjustments every month to improve how our site is displayed. It’s not easy given all of the different size viewports on devices, but mobile traffic growth continues to outpace desktop growth so we know it’s a great investment. There’s nothing more frustrating than clicking on a link and landing on a page you can’t read when you’re on your smartphone or tablet.

Call 2014 the year that enterprise mobility really takes hold. Organizations really need to explore mobile marketing strategies to extend their reach. With this rapid adoption of BYOD, the opportunities are growing for marketers and technology providers. Bringing together different tools like cloud computing and big data helps businesses get the most out of their new mobility-focused approach. WebDAM

Mobile marketing in the United States is on track to generate $400 billion in sales by 2015, up from $139 billion in 2012. If you’ve not rethought your strategy yet, you’re already losing ground and need to incorporate mobile sites, apps, text messaging, and promotion to capture the prospect or customer’s attention when they’re on the run. WebDAM’s latest infographic presents 25 interesting statistics about current trends in mobile, the mobile market share, the growth of mobile usage and more.


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    Hi Douglas, great infographics. It will certainly influence a lot of marketers and their strategies, as the role of mobile marketing has become extremely important, and here are the figures to prove it.

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