2014 Predictions for Mobile Web Trends

2014 mobile web predictions

If 2013 was the year of content and mobile, perhaps this year is the year of context. That is, putting the content physically in front of the user when and where they need it. We're not just talking about search, we're also talking about push messaging and third-party integrations.

This infographic from Netbiscuits makes just that prediction. Smartphone adoption continues to increase, providing tighter geolocation capabilities and an increase in the number of connected devices to detect and communicate with.

We can expect to see greater demand for highly customized experiences that prioritize exact user context. As one of the biggest challenges facing brands in 2014, this one movement itself will fundamentally shake-up how organizations need to interact with their customers. Brands no longer belong just to a company. They co-habit with the people who choose to interact with it, and by the end of 2014, this will need to resonate more so than ever before.


Download the report today to read Netbiscuit's recommendations for effective multi-channel web engagement.

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