Sharing our 2015 Successes and Failures!

2015 year in review

Wow, what a year! Many people may look at our stats and respond with meh… but we couldn't be happier with the progress the site has made in the last year. The redesign, the increased attention to quality on posts, the time spent on research, it's all paying off significantly. We did it all without increasing our budget and without buying any traffic… this is all organic growth!

Omitting sessions from referral spam sources, here's our final stats for year over year compared to 2014:

  • Sessions up 14.63% to 728,685
  • Organic traffic up 46.32% to 438,950
  • Users up 8.17% to 625,764
  • Page views up 30.13% to 1,189,333
  • Pages per Session up 13.52% to 1.63
  • Session Duration up 4.70% to 46 seconds
  • Bounce Rate down 48.51% to 36.64%
  • New Sessions down 5.63% to 85.46%

Again… not a penny spent on content promotion and we experienced that engagement! With the new site design, we did focus on speed and responsiveness quite a bit – and I believe it paid off.

screen568x568Add our email newsletter, feed readers, social followers, webinar attendees, podcast listeners and video observers and we easily reach over a million professionals a year on this publication.

Thanks to our partnership with BlueBridge, we've also got a world-class mobile application that's automatically updated as we produce content through all of our channels.

We've got an incredible partnership with Edge of the Web Radio on podcast production and are looking to expand our reach this year as we've opened our new podcast studio in downtown Indianapolis at our offices. Now, whenever we have a leader in our office we can sit down and record! And we've got Skype wired directly into our mixer for remote interiews.

Some Failures

If you've been a reader of mine, you know I love sharing my failures, too. Perhaps our biggest was launching a service directory. Our vision with the publication is that when you visit any article on our site, that you can move directly to a product or get assistance from a qualified service provider. We launched a service directory, invested a small sum, and it immediately flopped. Not to mention that we really didn't have any means of integrating it into our site. We're working with another startup right now to make that happen. Without the focus, budget, or manpower, there wasn't much of a chance of it launching successfully. But we'll get there!

We also did some major development to integrate whitepapers into call-to-actions on the site. This would provide our readers with an opportunity to go from an overview in a post and then move to a deep-dive with the reports. We're pushed the integration live and immediately ran into time-out issues. We still believe this is an incredible feature, but we've had to put it on the backburner while we work on front-end development.

More to Come

As always, be sure to thank our sponsors below and support them in any way you can! And let us know how you think we might be able to improve the publication!

What do you think?

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