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Since so many of you scan our email or read our feed, you may not have noticed the amazing transformation the publication has made the last few weeks. We’ve gutted the entire site and have been going back and cleaning up content as well. The new site is looks great, is easy to navigate, and is incredibly responsive to mobile devices.

So What, You Bought a Theme

You might be thinking that if you’re a WordPress wizard. We did, in fact, buy a theme for the new site. What people may not realize is that we’ve got a child theme running on top of it that has a ton of customizations for our feeds and dynamic ad system. To be honest, in this day and age, I think if you’re paying a development or design firm to build your site from scratch you’re wasting a lot of time and energy.

  • Theme Frameworks – the best theme developers have foundational features in their theme that require quite a bit of programming – things like buttons, carousels, overlays and other features. Instead of having to develop any of these, when you purchase a theme you typically have everything you need.
  • Theme Support – by the time you figure out your theme is insecure, your developer is typically long gone. The beauty of customization of a theme with a child theme is that you can continue to update your core theme with both feature improvements and security updates.
  • Theme Cost – We had over 6 months of development with two firms that ran up thousands of dollars in development before we decided to cut and run. The new theme cost $60. Some of you might state, you get what you pay for. Not in this case. In this case, when you buy a popular theme, you’re getting what everyone is paying for. A custom theme design by a premier design company might cost you tens of thousands of dollars. These theme designers are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars – with a dedicated staff just to support, document and update their theme to keep it on top of the rankings.
  • Theme Quality – I was able to get rid of about 6 plugins because of the internal capabilities of this theme as well as the fact that the theme had additional built-in enhancements, like lazy loading images. That’s making the site much faster than it used to be even though there’s more content per page.
  • Theme Layouts – Aside from multiple home page layouts, the theme we purchased has a ton of different page layouts and options as well. Check out this video page layout!

What about those Resources?

We’ve partnered with a premier distribution network to display the latest and greatest case studies, ebooks, guides, white papers, webinars, reports and publications from across the marketing scene. We now have a dedicated page with the newest marketing white papers, case studies, ebooks and webinars!

Additionally, you’ll find the latest on a carousel on the home page, and a white paper offered under every single post. Much of the development work we had to do was to create an integration that imported all of the images (since we’re a secure site) as well as keeps the content up to date. We transform their content into a seamless integration here on Martech Zone.

We’re also going to be integrating third party tools from our partners. You can already find these live on the site:

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll get the latest marketing publications listed daily or weekly in our newsletter. Be sure to subscribe, it’s really a fantastic newsletter that’s been growing like crazy.

And about those Podcasts

We’re also working on our podcast page. You may have noticed a couple of posts where we’re embedding a popup player directly in the site. That way you can click to play and continue browsing the articles without losing the audio! We’ll have the player up on the Podcast page in a couple weeks.

Stay tuned… more to come! We’ve got a service directory around the corner, our video integration coming, and ecommerce!

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