21 Rules for Effective Social Media Strategies

21 rules social media marketing strategy

I don’t like the word “rules” when it comes to Social Media Marketing, but I do believe we have enough experience and case studies to understand where companies have really done a great job utilizing social media and really blown it. This infographic does a fantastic job in setting some expectations and guidelines when it comes to developing your social media strategy.

Like everything else, there are unwritten rules involved in social media marketing. Everyone is obliged to follow these rules, but those that are new to the game may miss out on the basics. Here are 21 unwritten rules of social media marketing that are designed to create a solid foundation for any social media marketing campaign.

The infographic was developed by Social Metrics Pro, a WordPress plugin that tracks tweets, likes, pins, +1s and more right from your WordPress Dashboard!



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    Excelent post, can i translate your infographic and publish it?
    Im in a region with spanish speakers so it would be nice have it on our native language.

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