25 Signs You Might have a Problem Blogging

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BloggerInspired by BittBox’s fantastic post, I decided to write my own post about my blogging problem. Here are my 25 signs that you might have a problem blogging.

  1. Your closest friends know the easiest way to communicate with you is by submitting a comment.
  2. You re-organize your living room to have better access to a computer.
  3. In order to answer some questions, you sometimes have to search your own blog.
  4. You write posts to your family instead of speaking to them.
  5. You pay your DSL or Cable bill before your rent or mortgage.
  6. You don’t know your anniversary but you know your Technorati rank.
  7. Vacuuming your keyboard would provide forensic researchers with what you had for dinner for the last six months.
  8. When you can not figure out how to modify your theme, you write your own WordPress Plugin.
  9. You found out Anna Nicole Smith died online.
  10. You were relieved by the WordPress 2.1 autosave feature because you could finally take bathroom breaks while posting.
  11. You host blogs for friends, family, and colleagues.
  12. You buy domain names for presents.
  13. You have a lot of friends that you’ve never actually met nor talked to in real life.
  14. You understand acronyms like IMHO
  15. You ask for a Herman Miller Aeron for your birthday.
  16. You find yourself wanting an iPhone even though you’ve never owned a Mac in your life.
  17. When asked what you want for dinner, you recommend a restaurant in Vancouver from John Chow – but you live in Indiana.
  18. Any blog without comments sucks… except for Seth’s Blog.
  19. You know Ze is funny, Hugh draws great comics on business cards, and Mark was really, really lucky with his first business.
  20. You know that any comment from a site ending in “info” is blog spam.
  21. You look forward to a new theme more than moving into your new home.
  22. You have trouble sleeping without posting.
  23. You only stay at hotels with broadband or with a Starbucks within 3 blocks.
  24. You identify yourself as a blogger rather than the actual profession that you make a living on.
  25. Ordering dinner involves ctrl-t and logging in to Papa John’s.


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    Impressive list but I found a couple flaws.

    First flaw is with #13 as even though we’ve never met in person, we have talked countless times voice.

    #16, you actually now own a Mac, so this doesn’t apply to you 🙂

    As for #20, I’ve actually received comments from .info sites that were in fact not blog spam…

    #23, not a flaw but I’ve found some hotels to actually have broadband and serve Starbucks in the lobby or in the area they have the free donuts 🙂

  2. 3
  3. 4

    Phew! Thanks for the link at #13, though I qualify for others.

    Guilt? When this came up in my feeds – I thought, “uh-oh…I’ve been caught.” After reading the post, you knew me all along:-)

    Thanks for the chuckle (and the friendship).

  4. 5
  5. 6
  6. 8


    9 out of 25 for me… there must still be hope.


    You find yourself wanting an iPhone even though you?ve never owned a Mac in your life.

    That is less about being a blogoman and more about having been bitten by the fabulous Applemarketingbug. (Basically, everytime Steve Jobs makes a presentation, you just have to have it. For editors: today Apple will reveal the new Final Cut Pro. 🙂

    #27 you check your blog for comments more often than your cell phone

    #28 you know which version of Word Press is the most current one. And if you are running your blog on an older version, you can argue for minutes as to why…

    Have a good sunday, my virtual friend 🙂

    *Laughing out loud, wondering how many of these rules apply to myself

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  8. 11
  9. 13
  10. 14
  11. 15
  12. 16

    @Thor: Actually, Doug is in the process of developing a 12 step program for this but in WordPress plugin form so it will be easier for all of us who are addicted 🙂

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  14. 18
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    thanks guys

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