28% of High School Seniors think School Work is…

… Meaningful

Hat tip to bizhack!


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    If GHS were to take this up, they would have my full and undivided attention. Although, it will never happen while Mr. Lawson is still there.

  2. 2

    As a former GHS student, I have to defend Mr. Lawson. First, I was shocked he was still there. He was old when I was in his class! 🙂 Second, I feel there is no replacing a good book and actually writing a research paper. Honestly, I hated him – I had him for both Jr. & Sr. English. However, I was way ahead of my peers in college because I could write a research paper in proper format, etc. He may be old and rigid and will never use the internet for anything – but you’ll appreciate him in college!

    Other courses could definitely use technology to teach – I just don’t think you can with English.

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