The 3 Pillars of Marketing

Win, Keep, Grow… that’s the mantra of marketing automation company Right On Interactive. Their marketing automation platform isn’t focused purely on acquisition – they’re focused on the customer lifecycle and finding the right customers, retaining those customers, and growing the relationship with those customers. That’s much more efficient than the endless search for leads.

T2C put together this infographic asking an important question, why don’t we structure our marketing departments this way? Why don’t we have leaders within the organization tasked with acquisition, retention, and developing customers? It’s a great question since we watch as many marketing teams simply get sucked into lead generation and never get a chance to work on current customer relationships or growing those relationships.

Is your organization organized in this manner? How about your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), are they focused across the spectrum of the customer lifecycle? I think this makes great sense! If you could organize your teams and KPIs around sales, experience and loyalty – you truly have a customer lifecycle focused marketing organization!

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