3 Tips for Creating Mobile-Ready Email

3 Tips for Creating Mobile-Ready Email | Marketing Tech Blog

Man with iPhoneBefore you start determining how to create an email that is mobile-friendly, you should ask yourself “What are your recipients using to view your email?” if you determine that there is a need for a mobile optimized email, then it's time to start considering how to go about creating it.

Here are some tips to creating mobile-ready emails for your email campaigns.

1. Subject Lines.

Mobile devices tend to cut email subject lines short at around 15 characters. Definitely be aware of this when you are creating those enticing subject lines for readers.

2. Email Layout.

Similar to layouts in emails, mobile email layout can entail several different things – all the way from dimensions to links. The screen on a mobile device is obviously smaller, so consider that when creating your email. Determine if images will render properly on all mobile devices. If not, maybe you should incorporate more text instead. And of course, remember: fat fingers on small phones, when creating buttons and links!

3. Test, test, test!

We stress this point all the time when discussing best email marketing practices anyways, so we want to continue this good habit if creating mobile-ready emails as well. Before you send to subscribers, make sure that you have tested your email to ensure it renders well.


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    I’ve noticed that many smartphones will zoom in on content as long as it’s formatted correctly – in the case of email, I think this is accomplished with tables and columns.  If the body of your email is in one column and the sidebar in another, it seems to zoom nicely if you double-tap your screen to zoom in. However, sometimes the font is so small on some emails, it doesn’t help.  Keep your fonts a nice size and format your page for email best practices!

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    Never been a fan of reading or answering email on a phone 😉  thinking that some things deserve a computer-like somethings deserve a phone call, instead of an email.

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    Although it may not necessarily be on the creation side, I would add… measure, measure, measure!  Measure your campaigns and A/B test them to see how they are performing and optimize each following email against what your metrics are telling you.

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    Hey Lavon,

    Some great tips here…

    I think it’s important for marketers that are serious about running successful campaigns to not ignore the mobile platform.

    More than ever, people are on-the-go and staying updated through their smartphones.

    In general, there are some great tools for optimizing e-mails, too.

    One of my favorites is a (free) tool called XmailWrite. I recently did a post about it, which might benefit yourself or others that happen to drop by.

    Here is the link to the video/blog post: http://www.multiplestreammktg.com/blog/your-new-secret-weapon-for-writing-e-mails/

    Mike Schwenk
    Associate Marketing Manager

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