This was the ol’ classic Can of Worms

Can of WormsWhen you hit that 30th comment on a blog post in a single day, you know that you struck a nerve!


When I decided to post about my recent dissatisfaction with 37 Signals, in no way was I trying to hit the front page of TechMeme or have Jason Fried personally tell me off. Those of you that have been around for a while know that I’m a nice guy who doesn’t like to raise a fuss with my blog.

In fact, when folks get upset with me I try to go out of my way to try to walk away as friends. We can disagree and still be friends. In fact, I disagree with my friends more often than most people! Just ask them!

That said, the blogosphere is a wild frontier. We don’t, nor will we ever have a Code of Conduct. Nor should we! I absolutely believe in freedom of speech on the Internet.

I also believe in dissension. We’re our own Sheriffs in this Wild Wild West and we should never stand around and watch as other bloggers threaten, lie, or even simply give bad advice. IMHO, the higher your authority, albeit by Google or Technorati, the more responsibility you have to ensure you present facts as facts and opinions as opinions.

I am being honest when I state that I want you to take me to task for my writings. I absolutely respect you for challenging me. Just know that after the dust settles, I may still disagree with you. It’s okay for two people to have different views of the same situation. We don’t share the same perception, so we’ll never perceive things identically.


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    Jason told you off? Where was that? Before or after you called his post “a chunk of ignorance?” Do you think you can go around calling people “ignorant” and wash your hands of it? You threw a personal punch.

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      No Michael, I’m not washing my hands of it. That’s why I posted again about it. But I don’t take back using the word ignorant, though. Under all accurate definitions of the word, that’s exactly what the post was. If anyone would like to provide some evidence of the contrary, I’m certainly open to it. I’m quite certain their won’t be any evidence, though. Hence the term ‘ignorant’.

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    How can you call someone ignorant and then hide behind the guise of being a ‘nice guy’? And further complain that in defending their own opinion they were telling you off?

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      Who exactly is the someone I called ignorant? The exact term was, “A couple days ago, their blog introduced another chunk of ignorance:”. I’m obviously not hiding behind anything, SH. I’m not an anonymous commenter on a blog using my initials. My blog and my identity are quite in the open.

      If the post was not ignorant, SvN had every opportunity to support their claim with some additional facts. Did they? No. Can they? No. Therefore, ignorant was an accurate term.

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    Douglas, when you call someone’s writing ignorant you are calling them ignorant. The inference is that the author of the post is ignorant, regardless of if you say it in so many words. People write, writing doesn’t write. Writing can’t write itself.

    And how does using my initials make me an anonymous commenter? You’ve got my email address, it’s valid and includes my full name. When I initial paperwork for a new home, am I doing so anonymously?

    Choose your words a little more wisely, Douglas. Your blanket statements reek of, well, ignorance.

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      Thanks, SH. It’s obvious we totally disagree with the use of the term ignorant. That’s fine, I appreciate you taking the time out. I would have much rather you had been a long-time visitor and gotten to know me… but I suppose you can’t please everyone all of the time.

      Take Care,

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