4 Days Lost from the Internet

Since Wednesday evening, this is really the first time I've been able to sit down and actually look at my screen. Thursday my fever started and the next 48 hours was an action packed race of trying to maintain more fluids in that were being violently expelled from my body.

I feel like a month has gone by:

  • Tens of thousands of tweets.
  • 3,967 unread feeds in my feed reader.
  • 242 emails in my personal inbox.
  • 73 emails in my work inbox.
  • 22 invitations, 8 friend requests and 28 inbox items in Facebook.
  • 5 voicemails on my mobile phone.
  • 2 voicemails on my work phone.
  • 1 missed happy hour with the President of a company I worked for years ago.

A lot of folks really wonder how someone can hold all of this together and make a career out of social media. Losing 4 days of momentum and consistency will take its toll on the overall number of visitors, the number of subscribers I have, and even the number of Twitterers following me – it may take weeks to get those numbers back in shape.

It's a lot tougher to keep this going than most people think… perhaps even more than I thought! I even had a couple angry phone calls from folks saying they couldn't get a hold of me through any medium. Oh how I wish my bathroom had teleconferencing.

Wouldn't they have been in for a surprise.


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    Just good to see you made it to the other side of the bathroom – so to speak.

    I imagine the formidable momentum you’ve built up over time will ensure a quick slingshot back into the socmed saddle.

    Glad to hear you’re on the mend if not mended. 🙂

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    Count it a blessing to be untethered from the many electronic leashes. Welcome back to the land of flashing alerts, beeping cell phones, nonstop tweets, and looming deadlines. Welcome back.

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