4 Key Takeaways to a Smart Mobile Marketing Strategy

mobile marketing strategy

Mobile, mobile, mobile… are you tired of it yet? I think we're working on mobile strategies with half of our clients right now – from optimizing mobile email templates, to integrating responsive themes, to building mobile applications. In reality, I believe businesses are honestly looking at their web presence backwards since much of the interaction with brands now starts with a mobile device – either in email, social, or via their web site. Savvy marketers are really taking advantage providing mobile applications.

Mobile marketing is new territory for many businesses. Two-thirds of businesses are using some form of mobile marketing, and most of them have been doing it for less than a year. Despite its newness, nearly half of businesses say they plan to increase their mobile marketing budget in 2014, and 48% plan to remain the same. And it seems most are jumping into mobile marketing with a little bit of faith – two-thirds say they either can’t measure ROI on mobile marketing or don’t know how. If you’re wondering what businesses expect in mobile marketing in 2014, Aweber partnered with 60 Second Marketer to survey 161 businesses on their mobile marketing efforts and plans for 2014.

My only feedback on this infographic is that they ask the question mobile site or mobile app. I don't believe that's a valid question. You have to have a mobile site. Having a mobile application can drive deeper engagement or provide a valuable tool to your community. As an example, we have a client who sells lubricants who we developed a mobile calculator application to help their customers. A mobile app isn't a brochure, it's a tool.


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    Before reading this article i never concentrate on mobile marketing. After reading this article i came to know about mobile marketing. Thanks for sharing very informative article. Keep Posting

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