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40 tools

Earlier this month I had a fantastic time doing a presentation at Blog Indiana 2011. This is a fun event because it’s the largest in the region and I get to have some fun testing out new material. This presentation was solely focused on what marketers are missing by only using their Analytics package to improve their online marketing efforts.

Search engine performance, social media performance, identifying leads and understanding user behavior on the page or through the site is missing from Analytics. Platforms like Google Analytics, in my opinion, should be a minority of a marketers’ tools when it comes to analyzing and executing integrated marketing strategies. Here’s the presentation along with a rundown of the different tools and different perspectives they provide.

Without being too salesy… this is why I’m a huge fan of Webtrends. When I met them a few years ago, they knew what was happening in the industry. Alongside of massive improvements to their current analytics platform, they expanded aggressively into performance off-site. Webtrends Social, Webtrends Apps, Webtrends Mobile, Webtrends Ads… Segmentation, Optimization, Real-time analytics… the team is providing an array of tools and neatly integrating them to make it easier for Marketers to develop strategies that perform.

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    It is a great slide stack and was a great presentation at Blog Indiana. It seems we are so close on how we think about analytics and measurement.

    Oh and sorry the bit.ly bundle thing didn’t work out. I’ll probably never live that suggestion down.

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