Happy 4th of July! It Can Pay to be Patriotic on Social Media

american flag

In the United States, we’re celebrating Independence Day today… otherwise known as July 4th. Patriotism is one of those things that can attract a lot of attention and build brand equity. Social media, of course, is a channel that’s perfect for engaging your audience personally. Put the two together and you have a great chance to show your patriotism and get some big shares if you’re ignite some emotion with your content.

I wish I would have found this infographic from Unmetric a month ago so that you had time to prepare, but you can bookmark this page to prepare next June! Unmetric provides 5 steps to creating successful holiday content tailored for the social audience:

  1. Factor your resources and create a plan
  2. Get data-inspired by reviewing content that performed well the year prior.
  3. Draft and Create optimized content for each channel and medium.
  4. Distribute the optimized content on each channel.
  5. Evaluate to Improve and create a better campaign next year!

4th of July Content and Social Marketing Ideas

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