5 Hidden Factors That Make or Break Your Sales Team

Our sales force automation sponsor, Salesvue, has developed a whitepaper on this topic, which details the 5 hidden factors that make or break your sales team

If you want a successful sales organization, there is no doubt that you have to have outstanding sales people on your team. It’s no secret that the first rule of a great sales team is hiring the right people. But, what if you have a great sales team and aren’t seeing the results?

A multitude of factors impact the performance of your sales team, and, many times, the least noticeable ones have the largest impact upon success. While people might be a large part of what makes a great team, there are still some other factors you need to consider that might be affecting the overall performance of your team.

Our sales force automation sponsor, Salesvue, has developed a whitepaper on this topic, which details the 5 hidden factors that make or break your sales team:

  • Excessive clicking and logging – Everyone knows that logging calls or activities can take a lot of clicks in Salesforce or other sales CRMs. The amount of clicks it takes to complete a task could be hindering productivity. Decreasing the amount of time it takes to do these administrative tasks is key to increasing productivity.
  • Data overload – The advent of big data has certainly brought its advantages, but it has also brought about data surpluses that might not be relevant to certain departments. Make sure you’re presenting your team with the right data instead of too much data.
  • Midden funnel management – Technology advances have brought about ways to automate our everyday tasks, but it has also created the problem of neglecting the “human touch.” It’s still important to have that personal touch in the middle of automation.
  • Skill development and training – Most successful sales organizations have training programs that are standardized. Unfortunately, in today’s world, this could lead to training the right skills to the wrong reps. Instead of having a standard program, create skill programs for the reps who need help in certain areas and are thriving in others.
  • Missed prospect segments – We all have an idea of what our ideal prospect looks like. Mostly, because these prospects have bought and have liked your product. However, there could be a prospect segment out there that had a great conversation with your rep, but they didn’t buy because the rep didn’t present the product or service offering in a specific way. Look at the missed opportunities and glean insight on how you could have approached it better.

If you want to read the full whitepaper and learn more about their recommendations, you can download the whitepaper here:

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What are some factors that affect your sales team? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.


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