5 Must-See Digital Publishing Examples

cvs zmags

We’ve been experimenting with our client, Zmags, for some clients and their viewer is too cool. I wanted to show some examples of, what I believe, are some incredible interactive digital applications! To open the viewer, just click on the screenshot of the viewer!

Clients of Zmags Commerce Pro product are seeing phenomenal results, including a 5x increase in page views, 2x time spent on site, up to a 2x lift in conversion rates and a 55% increase in average order value!

CVS Caremark – video, interactive pages… a dazzling display!
cvs caremark publication

Inside Packaging – on the right hand side are all previous publications!
inside packaging pub

Today’s Diet and Nutrition – a winner in the DMA Digital Magazine Awards, this interactive digital magazine is a must see… with interactive advertisements and embedded videos.
today diet nutrition

Cell C Magazine – very unique uses of digital interactive advertisements. Check out the Just for Boys, Just for Girls option on page 10!
cell c mag

Some retailers are using the digital publication directly in their site! Check out Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Lookbook… fully integrated with their ecommerce system, the viewer displays scenes that are interactive. Click on the + symbol and you can add the item directly to your shopping cart!
dicks lookbook.
Another fantastic feature of Zmags is that you can embed your Google Analytics UA code and actually measure the usage and interaction of your digital publication.

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