5 Point Email Marketing Holiday Checklist

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It’s Fall which means back to school shopping is in full swing and students are on their way back to the classroom. However,

  1. Timing. Be aware that even though it’s only August, several people are already starting to look into gift ideas. If they find it for the right price, they go ahead and purchase to be ahead of the game. Position your emails for that audience and craft emails to capture those buyers. Of course, some of the major dates you want to prepare for are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you should offer value to your subscribers throughout the holiday season.
  2. Holiday Templates. Around the holidays is one of those times most email marketers can step out of the the box and add a little holiday flare to their templates. The extra creative will likely encourage subscribers to click through and purchase.
  3. Deals and Special. Send out reminders to your subscribers as the holidays start getting closer and closer. Include coupons or specials for possible gifts family members, friends, and even children’s teachers. Subscribers will appreciate that you’ve done the work for them and have given them some ideas.
  4. Mobile. There was a large uptick in the amount of people making purchases via their mobile devices during the holidays this year. This year, ti’s pertinent that your site is optimized for mobile. You want to make sure it is easy for subscribers to navigate and use. If not, they will leave and find a competitor to buy from instead.
  5. Get Social. Hopefully you are already including social links in your emails. However, around the holidays, it’s even more imperative to add these and show them off! Pinterest has really taken off this year and many people have gravitated towards it. If your company has a presence there, you might want to direct subscribers to your profile to see products visually and to make purchases.

These are just a handful of tips to start implementing into your holiday email planning. What other tips have you heard about and are considering adding to your holiday email campaigns?

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