You’re Missing 3 out of 5 Senses on Making an Impression

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I was in attendance for a recent launch party of a print-only publication about the food culture of the Midwest. As I spoke to the team who created, there was incredible pride in both the content, the art, and the finished product. The magazine was solid and you could feel the quality of the paper, smell the fresh print, and almost taste the food so richly described in the magazine.

It got me to begin thinking about the impressions that marketers leave. We’re so hung up on digital media nowadays because of the low cost and capabilities of the technology that we forget that most people only see what we’ve done through text and imagery. If we take it up a notch, we may do a video where they can now see and hear us. But that’s still only 2 of the 5 senses that we’re able to reach.

If you want to nurture a lead, it’s not just about shoving another email in their inbox. You need to reach that lead and make an impression if you want to drive them to take the next step towards making a purchase, re-signing a contract, or increasing their spending with your organization.

How can you reach the rest of the senses – touch, smell, and taste – to leave a lasting impression? If you’re in the same town, maybe it’s as simple as taking your prospect or client out to dinner. But many of us work outside of the driving range so the choices are a bit limited. Perhaps you can have a custom product manufactured or a beautiful print piece developed. Perhaps you can include a bottle of wine or a local delicacy sent through the mail.

What used to be the norm is now quite rare – pointing to an incredible opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition. What can you do to leave a lasting impression with touch, smell, and taste?

What do you think?

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