Increase the Chances Your Content Goes Viral with these 5 Tactics

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We've shared other infographics on the elements of viral content and I'm always hesitant at pushing viral as a strategy. Viral content can bring brand awareness – we see that often with videos. However, I've never seen anyone hit it out of the park every time. Some try to hard, some fall short… it's truly a combination of talent and luck that skyrockets your content virally.

That said, I believe the tactics utilized when focusing on viral content are great strategies for content in general. In this infographic from WhoIsHostingThis?, they spell out 5 reasons that your awesome content is not going viral:

  1. Lack of emotional appeal – people share content that generates curiosity, amazement, interest, astonishment, uncertainty, admiration and humor.
  2. Not “Share Worthy” – people want to share it, it's easy to share, it provides value, and it's going to draw attention to those who share it.
  3. Bad Timing – find the times of the day, week, season or event that the content is in demand and popular.
  4. Poor Design – the layout, colors and visual appeal matters when it comes to sharable content. An investment in design is an investment in the likelihood it will be shared.
  5. Poor Distribution – this is probably the one we see least deployed… distribute and promote your content across sites where it's going to reach a large audience.


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