No Better Birthday Present! 500 Feed Readers!


Content, Passion, Momentum… these are the three elements that I speak to my clients about when it comes to blogging. Some folks think that blogging is a narcissistic endeavor – especially when you talk about your own blogging success. The conflict, of course, is why would anyone listen to you if you are not successful? I post the number of feeds and keep my Technorati Rank and other information up to date so that I can provide evidence of the success of my blog’s topics.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m often quiet on my birthday because it’s an unfortunate day in history. In recent times, it’s become a week of tragedy (now add Virginia Tech to the terrible list of events).

However, I can’t help but put this graph up and thank you folks for the best birthday present a guy could ask for! (Besides my kids and the AppleTV that Bill and Carla got me.)

I hit over 500 readers for my feed today!

500 Feedreaders

Thanks to everyone for sticking around! A couple weeks ago I submitted my 500th post. I continue to try to build great content, my passion is as strong as ever, and the momentum of my blog continues! I read somewhere that only 1% of visitors will actually comment. If you’re shy and don’t feel like it, just know that I really appreciate your company!

One important note: Special thanks to John Chow who inspired me to make some changes to attract more readers to my feed. You’ll notice the small text under the article inviting you to join my feed. As well, I offer an advertisement for a free year of hosting within my feed. With John’s tips, I think I’ve accelerated my RSS adoption quite a bit. Thanks John!


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    I’m happy for you, congrats and happy birthday!
    I recently started reading your blog and I think it’s a wonderful resource. I convinced that you have a valuable resource. 500th is a wonderful thing. Keep up the good work I look forward to reading your future posts.

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    Congratulations indeed Doug..
    500 feed readers is no mean feat.. It just shows the effort you’ve taken to sustain them..

    Good job and keep going

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      Thanks Thor. I think the growth curve is a testament to momentum more than anything else. I would actually love to apply some statistical analysis to the number of posts over time with search engine results and placement. I’m sure there’s a good correlation there. One day I’ll do the math!

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