7 Tactics to Boost Your Content Creation

7 Key Takeaways from Our Content Creation Tactics Webinar
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On Tuesday, we had a fantastic webinar with one of our partners, Wordsmith for Marketing, on 10 Content Creation Tactics for When the Well Runs Dry.  While we did have fun making jokes and doing little dances behind the scenes, there were some great insights shared on the webinar.

Here are 7 key takeaways from our content creation tactics webinar:

  • 1. Set time aside for the creative process – While it might sound simple, a lot of people don’t actually set time aside for topic generation; they set time aside for content execution. Schedule some time to brainstorm or generate new ideas, and get rid of the distractions. Related stat:

“On average, employees spend over 50% of their workdays receiving and managing information rather than using it to do their jobs.” (Source: LexisNexis)

  • 2. Keep a notepad nearby – While it’s good to set aside time for the creative process, for some people (like me!), the creative juices never stop flowing. I could come up with a really great idea while I binge watching Scandal on Netflix, or while I’m at the gym. Keeping a notepad nearby will encourage you to write down your ideas and save them for later.
  • 3. Have quarterly and monthly themes – When we started encouraging our clients to do this, we actually saw search engine rankings go up for the clients who stuck to this over the following year than those who didn’t. This is a great way to tackle multi-channel campaigns as well; if you have a couple of topics you can focus on, then you can repurpose content in different mediums, like infographic, whitepapers, videos, etc., so that it ultimately makes you job easier. Related stat:

“84% of marketers who say they are ineffective at content marketing said they have no documented strategy.” (Source: Content Marketing Institute)

  • 4. Your inbox is one of your best assets – If you need some new ideas for content, check out your email inbox. Did you have a client ask you a question that other people are probably asking? Repurpose your answer to use for content marketing. Did you have an interesting conversation with a colleague about what you’re doing? Talk about it on your blog. Look at your communications through email and see how you can use it in your company’s content marketing.
  • 5. When in doubt, list it out – According to some great research that Wordsmith for Marketing conducted, lists posts account for just over 10% of all the titles in the Inbound.org “All Time” Top 1,021 submissions. (See what I did with this post?) People love numbers, and it provides people with a promise so they somewhat know what they’re going to get when they click.
  • 6. Don’t have time to write? Hire a ghostinterviewer/writer – Let me explain. I’ve worked with a ton of CEOs and CMOs who have fantastic insights into their industries, but they just don’t have time to write. To combat this, we’ve sent in ghost writers who actually take an hour each week to interview the CEOs on topics, then they write blogs or articles from the perspective of the executive. It’s a great way to get thought leadership out there while saving time and money.
  • 7. Seriously, stop being afraid of outsourcing – For a long time, outsourcing content was a point of contention for a lot of people we talked to, but we’ve been a supporter of outsourcing since day 1. NOW, before someone yells at me in the comments, let me explain. Even if we outsource research or content, we touch every single piece of content before it goes out to clients or out into the world. I’m still building the strategy, I’m still doing the keyword research, I’m still editing for the voice and I’m still in control of how good the piece of content is going to be. Related stat:

“62% of companies outsource their marketing – up from 7% in 2011.” (Source: Mashable)

To read about all of the tactics, watch the full webinar here:

If you have other tips to add, please do so in the comments!

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