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About a week ago, Highbridge added TinderBox, a Proposal Management Solution, to its list of growing clients. I wrote about TinderBox when they first launched… and soon after we became a client of theirs. We’re excited about helping one another because of the incredible potential their solution has.

The TinderBox application is fantastic and has saved me hours upon hours of time. Basically, I’ve developed a content repository with all of the product and service offerings we provide. As a prospect requests a proposal, any of our team can go in and grab the sections we need, publish the proposal, wait for notification that the prospect has viewed it, answer any questions… and get an acceptance. I have no doubt that the software itself actually helped close some deals.

TinderBox allows users to manage all aspects of document creation including: writing, formatting, management, approvals, and tracking from within one simple interface. Larger teams can seamlessly integrate TinderBox into existing CRM solutions like Salesforce.com, optimizing their team’s workflows and decreasing their time to close new business. TinderBox currently has clients in 7 countries, supporting proposals and documents in 4 languages.

Today, we were happy to hear that TinderBox has been funded by HALO, a regional initiative to invest in technical companies that have great potential. HALO stands for Hoosier Angels Looking for Opportunities. Techpoint manages the HALO investor group. This investment brings the total HALO investment in Indiana companies to $17.1 million in the last 36 months.

TinderBox is another in a long line of home-grown Indiana companies that have carved out valuable niches in the sales management and measured marketing space. Mark Hill, HALO participant and chair of the TechPoint board of directors.

The company continues to add incredible features and functionality – including SMS alerts, Proposal Archiving, Proposal Templating (was in our recent upgrade… and something we’ll absolutely take advantage of), and full theming. Our proposals look fantastic and we can even include videos in them:


Here’s an introductory video. Be sure to visit and sign up for a free trial!


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      They have a good repository methodology for searching and storing content. I think the system could work well for RFPs… but you’ll have to go with a Pro account to get it all.

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