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A Holiday Story about a Generous Company

This is the kind of story that brings tears to your eyes. Lance buys up Archway cookies after it goes bankrupt, re-opens it, and demonstrates to the employees that they’re committed to investing in them and getting them back to work.

You simply don’t hear enough of these stories. Most companies would have simply bought and sold off the factory and equipment, and leveraged the brand under their own roof to make a few more bucks. I doubt Lance would have made the purchase had they not seen an opportunity – but they went the opposite direction, immediately re-opening the plant and getting some folks back to work.

You must watch the video to see what else Lance did. Incredible.

I’ve emailed Lance to find out how folks can support the employees. It looks like 50 of the 300 employees are back to work. Perhaps they can get Archway cookies up on their website so folks can by them direct. I’m not sure I’ll ever look at a package of peanut butter crackers the same again!

Hat tip to Tax Girl for the find.

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    What about the Chicagoland employees that were given a one day notice after 17 years of service. We had a terrible Christmas. We worked for Archway too. We didn’t get anything but a loss of benefits and unemployment. Where is our Visa gift card? I’m sorry for being bitter, but they should treat us all fair.

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      I wrote Archway and was hoping to find a way for my readers to drive some business and hopefully get you folks back to work, too. Your story is becoming too common in this country – folks that work hard for an employer only to be left in the cold from their mismanagement.

      I’m really sorry what happened to you folks and hope you’re blessed with a job that provides much more for you than what Archway did!

      God Bless!

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