A Video on Design versus Usability

usability testing

Jon Arnold does an amazing job explaining what his firm does, Tuitive = Usability. There are some incredible applications out there that never see the light of day. The application may solve some very difficult issues, but if no one can actually figure out how to use it, abandonment will be high and sales will be difficult.

Branding managers, product managers and graphic designers often determine the look and feel of an application. Usability is determined by the user, though! Usability experts observe and optimize interactions with software to ensure that it’s intuitive and simple to use. Great video.

Tuitive offers the following services:

  • User Research – “Know thy users, for they are not you.” Rather than designing for a vaguely imagined “user,” let us uncover your users’ true needs, behaviors and goals.
  • Interaction Design – Interaction design is where knowledge of your users’ goals are translated into meaningful and easy-to-use functionality.
  • User Interface Design – Good design can sometimes be the beauty of artful creativity and other times the beauty of simplicity. We’ll get it just right, and in a way that supports your overall brand strategies.
  • Web Design – Our User-Centered Design Process is ideal for websites that need to be more than an online brochure.
  • Usability Testing – Stop guessing. Our usability testing will validate which approaches are effective and which can be refined for greater results.

Check out Jon Arnold’s fantastic blog.

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