A Wordle Business Card!


Wordle hit the blogosphere a couple weeks ago and bloggers have been buzzing! Wordle is a Java application that transforms your tag cloud into a thing of beauty.

I thought Wordle was cool, but not necessarily blogworthy.

Today I consulted for Sharpminds. One of the folks in the session, Linda Watts, handed over her card and it instantly put a smile on my face!

Linda had an entire collection of them (as well as some other unique designs), each set focused on different keywords and phrases, all with her contact information on the back! How incredibly creative! I think if I were the Wordle guys, I'd hire Linda and put her in charge of the business card division!

Linda was a Webmaster for the last 9 years and is incredibly creative, talented and enthusiastic. I kidded her about being a geek – her input to the class added so much.

It's why I love teaching the BitWise Solutions Sharpminds events, I learn so much from all the attendees that I walk out feeling like I learned more than I taught.

Linda is now looking forward to a new career as a Web, Web 2.0, and Print Technology Coach. You may want to give her a call for some original ideas! I wish I had thought about this idea when I spoke about selecting business cards this week! I'm not sure if Linda is looking for full-time employment – you should ask if you have an opportunity for an accomplished web marketer, though.


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    Thanks for this Doug. I re-tweeted your original tweet because I like it so much. I played with Wordle for a few hours a while back and came up with 3 different clouds that I posted on my wall at work.
    Now, I think there might be a number of other cool ways to use these.
    When we think of graphics – we rarely consider the power of words as the foundation for what is usually image-based.
    A picture may be worth a thousand words but a word cloud may be worth more than you could say in the small space of a business card!

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    Thank you for the wonderful mention in today’s blog. What a way to start my day!

    My permanent cards were waiting in my mailbox when I got home yesterday. I’ll send you a sample. I know you will be impressed by the quality of Moo Printing.


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