Accent Accelerator: Align Sales and Marketing Materials

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According to the Aberdeen Group, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost. With content as a strategy, as much as 50% of your new wins can come from older, nurtured leads. Those are amazing stats and they point to one thing… make the information readily available to your audience when they need it, and you vastly improve your chances of turning a lead into a customer.

Accent Accelerator is a sales enablement platform to help sales organizations and marketing organizations manage, align and integrate their sales and marketing material. The platform is integrated with a company’s CRM and allows your sales team to match the prospect with the content they’re in need of, and deliver and measure its impact.

Accent Accelerator benefits and features for Sales

  • Access materials and resources based on the sales situation from any device.
  • Work within your CRM and sales process surfacing resources as needed.
  • Use coaching tips, subject matter expert advice, relevant research and materials to connect with buying teams.
  • Build custom presentations and documents to convey understanding and differentiate your value.
  • Coordinate sales team activity and collaborate with subject matter experts.
  • Share materials and information and track buying team interest based on behavioral responses.

Accent Accelerator benefits and features for Marketing

  • Manage and update sales resources efficiently using the administrative capabilities.
  • Promote content usage with awareness campaigns and showcase portals.
  • Create and manage expert lists and coaching sections that empower sales with insight based on situation.
  • Get direct feedback from sales team members on content effectiveness.
  • Create and control dynamic documents that can be customized by sales for specific situations.
  • Gain complete visibility into which materials are used and most popular with sales.

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