United Nations Standard Products and Services Code

UNSPSC is the acronym for United Nations Standard Products and Services Code.

A hierarchical classification system that provides a universal set of codes for the classification of products and services in procurement activities. The UNSPSC is maintained and managed by GS1 US, a not-for-profit organization, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme. The codes in the UNSPSC are used to classify and categorize products and services for procurement, supply chain management, and e-commerce. It helps standardize the classification and identification of goods and services across different industries and countries, facilitating more efficient procurement processes and improving data interoperability.

Here are some UNSPSC codes that are relevant to sales, marketing, technology, programming, and integration services:

  • 00004108 – Marketing distribution and analytics
  • 00004128 – Graphic design
  • 00617108 – Marketing and Publicity Support
  • 00810128 – Advertising agency services
  • 01811118 – Software coding
  • 10514108 – Marketing plans
  • 10810128 – Advertising campaign services
  • 20611108 – Temporary marketing need
  • 20810128 – Advertising production services
  • 21221118 – Customer relationship management
  • 30511118 – Systems integration design
  • 30610128 – Internet advertising
  • 30617108 – Marketing and Publicity Advice
  • 30712138 – Internet-related services
  • 50514108 – Marketing plans
  • 51221118 – Content management software
  • 63614108 – Search engine marketing
  • 71710168 – Professional Training Marketing
  • 80511118 – Application implementation services
  • 81614108 – Sales marketing agencies include
  • 90450106 – Brand marketing or advertising
  • 13614108 – Marketing technology services
  • 33614108 – Search engine marketing

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and the services provided by a full-service marketing agency or development firm could potentially fall under many more UNSPSC codes depending on the specifics of the services they offer. These are just a few examples of the many UNSPSC codes that apply to sales, marketing, technology, programming, and integration services. The specific code that is used will depend on the specific services that are being provided.


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