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Acrylic Times Elegantly Combines Newspapers and RSS

My friend Bill turned me onto MacHeist a while back. MacHeist is a great deal – they put together a bundle of applications for the Mac that you can purchase at a steep discount. If enough people purchase and enough money is raised for charity, they provide every purchaser licenses for every application in the entire package.

It’s an ingenious marketing tactic since it pressures participants to go viral, promote the bundle, and look for other folks to purchase!

MacHeist 3 just completed and has some incredible apps in it. The campaign was a success and all of the apps were licensed. One of the applications was Acrylic Pulp, a fascinatingly cool application for managing and reading your RSS Feeds. Everything about the application is unique – it doesn’t utilize any paradigms of navigation nor does it use the tired old typical navigation tactics. Within a few seconds you’re able to figure it out… it’s very intuitive.

Acrylic Pulp



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