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ActiveConversion: Identify and Track Web Visitors

ActiveConversion is a lead tracking software for small to medium sized businesses. Their sales and marketing solutions allow companies to identify interested visitors, companies and qualified leads visiting your site. Scheduled reports of qualified leads can be sent to your sales team to inform them of the most active online prospects.

ActiveConversion‘s tracking technology can determine email marketing recipient activity and responses to emailed offers. The solution can even provide insight across channels of your marketing campaigns including your online marketing, print advertisements, broadcast media, and direct visitors to a website or landing page.

Their automated email, ProspectAlert, provides a sales-centric view of lead information within ActiveConversion. Key information is provided to your sales reps on their assigned prospects. The system integrates with or Microsoft Dynamics but a CRM is not necessary – your sales team can login directly to see all the information that’s been collected.

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4 Steps to Convert the Online Window-Shopper

4 Steps to Convert the Online Window-Shopper

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