AddThis Adds Personal Targeting to Improve Engagement, Conversions and Revenue

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Most of the marketing technology world is focused on getting visits. Link baiting is off the charts and it's resulting in terrible results for marketers. Getting someone to your site is actually pretty easy, but keeping them there and actually encouraging them to do business with you is quite complex. Even on a publication like ours, increasing our viewership is important – but unless people are interacting with the brands that we're talking about, it's all for nothing.

We must reach audiences that are going to be interested in our content – and once we finally get them to our site, we have to work hard to keep them on the site or provide a means for them to engage further. We personally do that with subscription offerings and related post recommendations at a broad level.

AddThis is utilizing the power of the billions of users it's reached to provide personally targeted content to keep your visitors engaged with your site. It was designed to help website owners increase the time a user spends on their site by showing content and offers that are personalized to their particular interests.

When your website has a first time visitor, you don't know what the visitor likes or will click on. But AddThis already knows the user's interests and preferences based on their past engagement on other AddThis sites. Now your site can target content, products or offerings based on the previous history of the user.

You can setup the targeting easily within AddThis:


And you can measure conversions easily through the AddThis dashboard:


This functionality was previously only available to advertisers and higher end publishers. AddThis is adding it for $12/month as part of an AddThis Pro subscription, making it very affordable.

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