Adobe Proto: Touch Prototyping on your Tablet

adobe proto

Adobe launched a suite of touch applications compatible with the Android tablet. It’s great that Photoshop, Debut, Ideas and Kuler are making their way to the tablet and are optimized for the touch interface, but I’m not sure I can really fat finger my way through them and really be too productive (especially since I suck at Photoshop).

The one application, combined with the Adobe Creative Cloud that really stood out to me was Adobe Proto. The ability to fat finder a user interface layout is incredible. We use LucidCharts right now and love the collaboration capabilities. However, Proto is an amazing application… especially for $10.

I’m looking forward to seeing Adobe Proto make it to the iPad!


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    Horrible marketing & product!  You have to use their cloud service $149/month to be able to share files to a pc, you can’t save the file on your tablet and use a sdcard or usbdrive, or email it.  

    There are many other free alternatives that let you do the same thing for free and transfer files for free.

    I spoke with Adobe several occasions, even their staff is clueless, they have an android team, but they don’t know much, nor pre-sales, or tech support. Finally after 1 week I got an email stating it was impossible to share files outside of their expensive cloud service.  

    Then 90% of people who use it can’t get their files to adobe cloud anyway. Adobe is no help to them, so users have un-answered, un-resolved  tech issues in adobe forums and support.

    They should offer it free for 10GB or something, these apps are failures for this reason, don’t waste your money.

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      @google-dff452fb3bf20c4d2d9780305703bb9f:disqus  – thanks so much for sharing that info! That’s truly unfortunate.  I’m beginning to wonder whether or not Adobe is having a bit of an identity crisis.

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