Test Across Devices Easily with Adobe Shadow

adobe shadow screenshot

If you’ve ever been testing a site across mobile and tablet browsers, it can be both painstaking and time-consuming. Some companies have come up with tools to mimic rendering on the devices, but it’s never quite the same as testing on the device themselves. I was reading Web Designer magazine today and found that Adobe launched Shadow, a tool to help designers pair up and work with the devices in real time.

At first glance, I wasn’t that impressed with the sync mechanism… who cares if I can click on a site and have all the paired devices change to that page. The really great feature; however, is the ability to actually view and manipulate the source of each product directly from your desktop. This will enable any designer to easily troubleshoot and perfect their designs.

For designers that are incorporating responsive design, this is especially useful! Responsive design adjusts to the size of your device rather than simply pointing the browser to a different theme or stylesheet. They’re becoming quite popular in the industry. For more information, you can read the article at Smashing Magazine on Responsive Web Design.

Download Adobe Shadow for Mac or Windows. It also requires the Google Chrome extension and associated app for each of your devices.

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